Fee Estimates

We can provide fee estimates on request. We also offer standard fee estimates for various conveyancing, trusts & estates, company & commercial, and insolvency matters. Click the buttons below to find out more:

Standard Hourly Rates

Our services are charged by the hour. The applicable hourly rate depends on what we are doing and who needs to do it. We have three categories:

A. Core Legal Services – $350 per hour

For services that require a lawyer experienced in the relevant area of law.

B. Related Legal Services – $250 per hour

For services that could be provided by a junior lawyer or legal executive.

C. Incidental Services – $150 per hour

For services that could be performed by a competent administrator supervised by a lawyer.

Fixed Fees

Outside of our standard fee estimates, we are happy to talk about agreeing a fixed fee for your matter.


Disbursements are the costs we incur and pay on your behalf, such as registration and court filing fees, and our standard office cost. Disbursements, like GST, are charged in addition to our fee.

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