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From this page you can sign up to be a new client of Evolution Lawyers.

Signing up using our New Client Form is the fastest way for you or your organisation to engage our firm. Submitting the form will not incur any cost and you will not be required to provide any card details or other payment information. We will not commence acting until we have sent you a letter of engagement and received your instructions.

The form may take up to five minutes to complete.

All information and documents provided will be kept strictly confidential and in accordance with our privacy policy, which you can find here

By clicking the checkbox below and submitting the form, you agree that:

  • any legal services we provide will be subject to our terms of engagement, which you can find here, unless we otherwise agree in writing;
  • despite completing this form, it is possible we will not be able to act for you or your organisation, for example because there is a conflict of interest or insufficient resource or expertise to complete the required work;
  • we may require further information or documents before we can complete the required work, for example to comply with our obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009; and
  • if you are not the new client noted on the form, you have authority to submit this form on the new client’s behalf.