Trusts & Estates

We offer a full range of trust and estate services. Our fee estimates for the more common services are set out below:

ServiceFee estimate*Approximate invoice total**
Establishing a Basic Family Trust$500 - $950From $680
Assisting with Trust Administration (Annual Fee)$250$380
Vesting Personal Property into Trust$250$380
Vesting Real Property into Trust$780$1,100
Effecting Change of Trustees (if no real property held in trust)$250$380
Effecting Change of Trustees (if real property held in trust)$750$1,350
Documenting Distribution to Beneficiaries$1,800$2,150
ServiceFee estimate*Approximate invoice total**
Preparing a Basic Will$250$380
Advising on and Executing an Enduring Power of Attorney$350$490
Basic Will and Enduring Power of Attorney Combo (per person)$1,800$2,800
Applying for Common Form Probate$750$1,250
Relationship Property Agreement$750 - $1,500From $950
Applying for Divorce – Single Applicant$1,200$1,750
Applying for Divorce – Joint Applicants$850$1,350

*Fee estimates are exclusive of GST and disbursements. Our fee may be higher if the attendances required for your matter are more than usual.

**The approximate invoice total includes our fee estimate, GST, and the disbursements we would typically incur on your matter. Additional disbursements, such as mileage, may be incurred.

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